Flower of Life is pleased to announce that we have introduced free shipping for orders over $200. We know people don’t like paying for shipping, and it can now be avoided.

We have also changed our delivery partner in Australia from Australia Post to DHL Express. As you may be aware, since COVID-19 began Australia Post has become somewhat unreliable with delays being the norm, rather than the exception. DHL Express has a reputation for fast and reliable service, even during COVID-19.

We have made changes to our supply chain to ensure that the supply of stock is not disrupted again. In the past, supply issues have occurred due to having to comply with onerous regulations when importing shipments of stock into Australia. We have therefore taken the decision to begin shipping all customer orders to Australia from our New Zealand warehouse in Auckland.

As a part of these changes, we have also been able to adjust our prices significantly lower.

These changes will also allow us to resume and expand the sale of other products that customers have been asking for, such as the Mary Ruth’s range, Detoxadine, MSM, Orgono G5 Siliplant, Liposomal C and more.

Overall we believe these changes are positive for our customers and we thank you for your continued support.

With Gratitude,

The Flower of Life Team