Stock Availability Questions & COVID-19 Impact

For up to date details on stock availability, see our Stock Availability page.

COVID-19 (Coronovirus) is having a huge impact on international shipping. Airlines are shutting down their international routes which is making it very difficult to find space on airlines to ship products from the USA to Australia and NZ.

Please note that Australia Post delivery times are very slow due to the impact on air freight. See here for details:

3 April Update
We are continuing to operate as usual in Australia and New Zealand. Most Vimergy products are in stock.

More Vimergy stock will be coming in about 3-4 weeks, which will include Micro-C. No other brands of stock are planned at this stage.

We will soon be out of stock of Zinc, L-Lysine and Spirulina powder due to Vimergy stocking out. It will be at least a couple of months before more is available.

27 March Update
Stock has cleared Australian customs and will arrive at the Sydney Warehouse on Monday. Orders will ship soon after.

25 March Update – 14:30 AEST
We received confirmation that the Auckland warehouse will remain operational as it forms part of the logistics industry. Stock is now available to ship out of Auckland.

25 March Update – Midday
Due to an error made by our shipping company, the stock that just arrived at the Sydney Warehouse is not available. The driver was supposed to deliver the shipment to a bonded warehouse for customs clearance but delivered it to our warehouse by mistake. The shipment now needs to be delivered to the bonded warehouse for customs clearance. This mistake will add many days to the availability of the stock.

25 March Update
Vimergy stock has arrived at both the Sydney and Auckland warehouses. Edit – stock is still unavailable in Sydney due to shipping error. Auckland stock is available.

Our Auckland warehouse may face closure on March 26th due to NZ’s Level 4 lockdown. We are waiting for confirmation on this. Edit – Auckland Warehouse will remain operational.

At this stage, the Sydney warehouse will be operating as usual.

22 March Update
Vimergy shipment has arrived in Sydney and will now go through the customs process. Stock should be available to ship to customers by the end of the week. We have now enabled backorders for stock that is arriving.

19 March Update
Vimergy shipment has arrived in Auckland. Stock will be in the NZ warehouse early next week. Australian stock is scheduled to be shipped over the weekend to Sydney. Australian stock will most likely be available at the end of next week, TBC. We’ll update this page as we know more.

The Australian dollar has crashed to $USD $0.56, putting further pressure on pricing.

18 March Update
Vimergy shipment scheduled to arrive in Auckland on Thursday 19th March. We’re hoping to get an airline slot over the weekend for stock to be shipped to Sydney. We’ll update this page as we know more.

17 March Update
At this stage, we still have a Vimergy shipment on the way that has arrived in Auckland arrives in Auckland on Thursday. We’re hoping to get an airline slot later this week for stock to be shipped to Sydney. We’ll update this page as we know more.

Other brands will be out of stock for at least 6 weeks as we work through the logistics of getting them to Australia and NZ in the current environment. Unfortunately, the shipping methodology we were about to use may not be viable and will need to be reconsidered.